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Monk 70 rotation

...5.0 and I'm assuming they're much different now but here'...
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Monk Rotation (patch 6 05) Monk Melee (DPS) Final Fantasy.
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Gallery of Ff14 Monk Rotation.
Ff14 Monk Rotation 9 Images - Sggaminginfo Final Fantasy Xiv

But that rotation was something else?
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Dragoon Rotation.
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Monk Rotation For Current Patch Ffxiv.
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Samurai (SAM) Opener Rotation to 1:15 (2nd Higanbana) : r/ffxiv.
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4 05 Warrior Ot Rotation Mini Guide Rffxiv Mobile Legends.
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Though on the Bahamut-unlocking Trance (second Trance at 70, every Trance.....
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Ok, this is a picture with the "Best rotation" for Dragoons, modi...
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2 star rotations - Difficulty:6377/Quality:28506.
2 star rotations - Difficulty:6377/Quality:28506

5.4 몽크가이드 보려고 올려둠
란 в Твиттере: "5.4 몽크가이드 보려고 올려둠.

Macht euren Monk mal nicht Mad.
Ich suche eine gute Monk Rotation

I found this awesome guide for black mage rotation and I need help interpre...
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Monk Level 90 Single Rotation.
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Ff14 Monk Rotation 9 Images - Monk Aoe, Sggaminginfo Final Fantasy Xiv Stor...
Ff14 Monk Rotation 9 Images - Monk Aoe, Sggaminginfo Final F